Poem :Man v/s Animals

Hi readers,

I have written this poem for those who are inhuman to nature.


Do men have the right to live,

First of all my question to mankind ,

Does the earth belongs to them only.

Do these creatures such as birds and animals have the right to lead their life
Pity on those so called human beings,

Those who hit them with pebbles,stones and bricks,

Shouldn’t bring a thought of hitting them and showing them their cruelty,

It’s a message for those unkind people, if cannot think of welfare for the beautiful creatures gifted to us as a part of Nature

I don’t think them to be called human beings,

Man always forget the ultimate reality of The Universe,

They think their home as their permanent living place as it is their temporary abode,

How will they show their face to The Almighty God with shameful deeds,

Again I feel for those people whose behaviour is worst than beasts

Few people consider them as nearest to God by chanting mantra, boast of themselves as Great people,

Dont have love for Nature ,

Have the feeling of humanity for such speechless creatures, which can’t express their pain through words.